Mitch, age 27, lives in North Texas. Works in IT, and enjoys the occasional beer every once in a while.

When Mitch is not saving the world working. He enjoys hanging out at the Dallas Makerspace. When he’s there he is building 3D printers, mechanical keyboards (click clack), arduino projects, custom computer’s, and all kinds of 3D printed toys and cosplay stuff.

It all started many years ago when his parents bought him Lego kits and he would play for hours, days, weeks building anything in his imagination. When Mitch went to high school, he joined a local combat robot group and was part of team building a middleweight robot that competed in Battlebots IQ.


After high school, he went off to get an Associates in Graphic Design and Multimedia, learning how to use various creative talents using computers. He then went on to study robotics at University of Advancing Technology.

During his study of robotics, Mitch became fascinated with the idea of consumer 3D printing, starting with the RepRap project and the release of the Makerbot Cupcake CNC. It was a CNC machine that instead of messy subtractive CNC milling, melted down layers of plastic to create anything he could think of (and model in CAD). He build his first 3D printer, the Makerbot Cupcake, which taught him a lot about the ever evolving world of 3D printing and RepRap. Currently, he is teaching classes on 3D printing at the Dallas Makerspace. He even has a class on How to Build a RepRap 3D printer, where the class is building a Mendel90 from start to finish.

Mendel90 photobomb

A futurist, creative thinker, and geek.


“All I want is a cold fusion-powered 3D printed holographic flying car.” – Mitch Cerroni


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