Playable Arcade Machine Costume

For Halloween this year, I thought I would try to remake the costume I made 5 years ago.

This time, I wanted to make it look and play much more like a real arcade machine. I had a 8″ Windows tablet that I could load full emulators on, and I already had the arcade joystick and buttons. From the R/C plane guys I know, I learned how sturdy the foam core board can be. The foam core board is really easy to laser cut, and now that I have access to a laser cutter, I drew up the designs from my torso measurements in Inkscape. For the controls, I used a IPAC usb controller board and wired up the controls and mounted them to a lasercut piece of fiberboard. I had to reinforce the foam core board some more to make it sturdy enough to wear. I also designed all the graphics in Inkscape and printed them on a large format photo printer. To finish it off, I was able to 3D print a coin acceptor door. The overall impression was great, it was a hit at the Halloween party. I hope to take this to comic con in the future, so look out for the Mitch Arcade.

Here’s the Imgur album on the build process.