Why I went back to playing a Gameboy


Mobile games suck. If you open the app store, the top free games category is littered with cartoon copies of existing commercial games, the premise of these games is to gamble with virtual currency in hopes you’ll spend real money on a game you’ll forget in a week. I got caught up playing a simple running game called Wind Runner every day for an entire year before giving it up. Luckily, I only got sucked into spending $3 in in-game currency, most of my progress was the daily give aways and literally hundreds of hours tapping on a screen. I do give Candy Crush some credit for at least having a challenging puzzle game. I had a brief Clash of Clans trial, which became a competition with friends that have even more free time than you to wait for pay-to-play or hurry up and wait games. There’s boredom and then there is insanity. How did the mobile game industry devolve into this?

I recently acquired a Gameboy Micro from a friend. I was reluctant at first because the eBay listings for the device are over $100 for this 10 year old device. It was a somewhat rare Nintendo product that was released late in the Gameboy era, I guess it had a very niche market. I got this idea that I would be nostalgic and play all the gameboy advance and NES/SNES games I remember growing up or never got a chance to play. The best part about the micro is that it would be small enough for me to fit in my coin pocket and I could pull it out when I’m bored and play. It really is a EDC (every day carry) game console.

I have some down time at work so now I can play great classics like: Legend of Zelda, A link to the past, Super Mario World 3, and Drilldozer (a rumble pack game platformer). The games for theĀ  Gameboy are just so much better in terms of game design. They have better artistic design, sprites, chip tune music (amazing), and there’s actually a story to the game. The level design, puzzles, and gameplay is just so much better than freemium mobile games now-a-days.

I consider myself a casual gamer. I know I could buy a new 3DS which does have good games and remakes, maybe around Christmas time if it goes on sale. I’d say Nintendo has the right idea staying out of the smart phone gaming arena. Keep on making fulfilling games while the freemium games.. don’t.